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List Of Central American Countries

Central American countries took further and tougher steps to contain the fast-​spreading coronavirus on Saturday with measures ranging from bans on large. Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. An exceptional trip across nature and colonial remains in these three countries. The Magical Guatemala. Colonial cities, Tropical Forests, and Volcanoes. Mayan Roots and Living History. We've rounded up the safest Latin American countries to help you decide 50 Experiences Around the World Every Millennial Should Add to Their Bucket List.

Central American countries up fight against coronavirus

In countries such as Costa Rica and El Salvador, well-thought out initiatives by the private sector are helping young people to identify career. Central American countries took further and tougher steps to contain the fast-​spreading coronavirus on Saturday with measures ranging from bans on large. DISCOVER ALL THAT CENTRAL AMERICA CAN OFFER YOU. SEE It's obvious that you'll find original flavours in any Central American country. But until you.

List Of Central American Countries Seven Nations, One Land Video

The map of Latin America: country names and locations

The following are the list of countries in Central America. There is a total of 11 countries. Central America, southernmost region of North America, lying between Mexico and South America and comprising Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize. (Geologists and physical geographers sometimes extend the northern boundary to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico.). Latin America is generally understood to consist of the entire continent of South America in addition to Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean whose inhabitants speak a Romance language. The peoples of this large area shared the experience of conquest and colonization by the. Demographics (1) Guatemala City Guatemala 5,, 26% (2) San Salvador El Salvador 2,, 39% (3) Managua Nicaragua 2,, 34% (4) Tegucigalpa Honduras 1,, 24% (5) San Pedro Sula Honduras 1,, 21%+4 (6) Panama City Panama 1,, 37% (7) San José. Compared to Central America, Middle America is a more general term. Besides nations of Central. 2/8/ · The following is a list of the countries of Central America and the Caribbean arranged by area. For reference the countries on the mainland portion of Central America are marked with an asterisk (*). The population estimates and capitals of each country have also been included. All information was obtained from the CIA World Factbook. 4/7/ · The smallest of the Central American nations, El Salvador's many problems make it seem larger. Wracked by a civil war in the 's, the nation has yet to recover. The rampant corruption in the nation means that a high percentage of the young labor force tries to . 57 rows · This is a list of countries and dependent territories in the Americas by population, which is . New York Bartels Bremen United Nations Statistics Division. However, the unity of the ODECA was limited by conflicts between several Tojsiab 2021 states. Education By country Belize Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Panama. Parque Internacional la AmistadPanama. Danubian countries Prussia Galicia Volhynia Wallachia Transylvania Moldavia Elitepartner Magazin Bessarabia Livonia Ruthenia Carpathian Ruthenia Donbass Sloboda Ukraine Sambia Lizenzvergabe Amber Coast Curonian Spit Izyum Trail Lithuania Minor Nemunas Delta Elitepartner Magazin Baltic Sea Vyborg Bay Karelia East Karelia Karelian Isthmus Lokhaniemi Southeastern Balkans Crimea North Caucasus Greater Caucasus Kabardia European Russia Arctic Arctic Circle Taman Peninsula Southern Russia Kola Peninsula East European Plain Ryn Desert. ManaguaSteam Betting Sites capital of Nicaragua, was devastated by earthquakes in and Current population Demographics of the world. Belize [14]. Trading penny stocks is also cheaper to get started as some brokers have no minimum deposit requirement. Saint Kitts and Hercules Game. American Free Press. Indeed, the challenges that the world has faced this year are so unique, that Best Online Slots Free an economic perspective, they warrant examination, and are being used as a learning exercise. It is the smallest country in Central America and entirely located on the western side, making it the only Central American country without a coastline to the Caribbean Sea. List of countries in Latin America Article Additional Info. Image result for central american countries list. Honduras, officially the Republic of Honduras, formerly also known as Spanish Honduras to differentiate it from British Honduras (now Belize), is a country in Central America, bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean, at the. Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. An exceptional trip across nature and colonial remains in these three countries. The Magical Guatemala. Colonial cities, Tropical Forests, and Volcanoes. Mayan Roots and Living History. DISCOVER ALL THAT CENTRAL AMERICA CAN OFFER YOU. SEE It's obvious that you'll find original flavours in any Central American country. But until you. Tour the city of Santa Ana, and enjoy the German Dota architecture, its Cathedral, its theater, and its nearby archaeological Shadow Bet. The GIZ Sustainability Board is responsible for promoting sustainability. The services provided by GIZ draw Minesweeper Kostenlos a wealth of regional and technical expertise and tried-and-tested management expertise. PICK YOUR TOUR.
List Of Central American Countries

It suffers from high unemployment rates, massive external debt, and a lack of access to basic needs. The country sustained a robust economic growth rate of 4.

Panama is on the Isthmus of Panama, a narrow bridge of land connecting North America to South America. The Caribbean Sea borders Panama to the north, and the Pacific Ocean surrounds it to the south.

The country is between Colombia and Costa Rica. The mile-long Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, has made Panama one of the world's most strategic transportation centers.

Panama's capital is Panama City. The country has over 4. Panama became the first Spanish colony in the Pacific in Panama has had one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Over the past couple of years, it has had an average annual growth rate of 4. The Panama Canal has helped the country play an ongoing role in international affairs and world commerce, and the Canal's recent expansion project will strengthen Panama's future growth.

Despite its strong economic performance, Panama still has one of the worst income distribution in Central America.

About one-fourth of its residents live in poverty, but Panama has made significant progress in reducing it in recent years. Central America is one of the world's most biologically abundant regions on Earth.

It only occupies 0. It houses a diverse array of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to the region. Unfortunately, its wildlife and ecosystems are some of the most threatened, with forest cover shrinking in every country.

Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala are the region's most biodiverse countries. Central America's geography greatly contributes to its biodiversity.

Humid swamps and lowlands lie along its west and east coasts. It has incredibly diverse natural vegetation, with tropical rainforests occupying the eastern lowlands, evergreen forests abundant along the lower slopes of the Pacific coast, and pine and oak forests growing in higher elevations.

The region's climate is tropical but can vary depending on elevation, latitude, topography, and proximity to the sea. External Websites.

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North and Central America Belize. Dominican Republic. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. History of Latin America , history of the region from the pre-Columbian period and including colonization by the Spanish and Portuguese beginning in the 15th century, the 19th-century wars of independence, and developments to the end of the 20th century.

Once part of Colombia, Panama always has been and always will be defined by the famous canal that links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Panama itself is a land of great natural beauty and is a growing visitor destination. Share Flipboard Email.

Christopher Minster. Professor of History and Literature. Christopher Minster, Ph. He is a former head writer at VIVA Travel Guides.

Updated April 07, Several birds are listed as threatened, most notably the resplendent quetzal Pharomacrus mocinno , three-wattled bellbird Procnias tricarunculata , bare-necked umbrellabird Cephalopterus glabricollis , and black guan Chamaepetes unicolor.

Many of the amphibians are endemic and depend on the existence of forest. The golden toad that once inhabited a small region in the Monteverde Reserve, which is part of the Talamancan montane forests, has not been seen alive since and is listed as extinct by IUCN.

The exact causes for its extinction are unknown. Global warming may have played a role, because the development of that frog is typical for this area may have been compromised.

Seven small mammals are endemic to the Costa Rica-Chiriqui highlands within the Talamancan montane forest region. Jaguars , cougars , spider monkeys , as well as tapirs , and anteaters live in the woods of Central America.

Coatepeque Caldera , El Salvador. Mombacho , Nicaragua. Arenal Volcano , Costa Rica. Central America is geologically very active, with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occurring frequently, and tsunamis occurring occasionally.

Many thousands of people have died as a result of these natural disasters. Most of Central America rests atop the Caribbean Plate. This tectonic plate converges with the Cocos , Nazca , and North American plates to form the Middle America Trench , a major subduction zone.

Many large earthquakes have occurred as a result of seismic activity at the Middle America Trench. Seismic activity at the Middle America Trench is also responsible for earthquakes in , , , , , , , , , and many other earthquakes throughout Central America.

The Middle America Trench is not the only source of seismic activity in Central America. The Motagua Fault is an onshore continuation of the Cayman Trough which forms part of the tectonic boundary between the North American Plate and the Caribbean Plate.

This transform fault cuts right across Guatemala and then continues offshore until it merges with the Middle America Trench along the Pacific coast of Mexico, near Acapulco.

Seismic activity at the Motagua Fault has been responsible for earthquakes in , , , , , and Though less active than the Motagua Fault, seismic activity at the Chixoy-Polochic Fault is still thought to be capable of producing very large earthquakes, such as the earthquake of Guatemala.

Managua , the capital of Nicaragua, was devastated by earthquakes in and Volcanic eruptions are also common in Central America.

In the Arenal Volcano , in Costa Rica, erupted killing 87 people as the 3 villages of Tabacon, Pueblo Nuevo and San Luis were buried under pyroclastic flows and debris.

Fertile soils from weathered volcanic lava have made it possible to sustain dense populations in the agriculturally productive highland areas.

The population of Central America is estimated at 47,, as of Human Development Index values are from the estimates for The official language majority in all Central American countries is Spanish , except in Belize, where the official language is English.

Mayan languages constitute a language family consisting of about 26 related languages. Guatemala formally recognized 21 of these in Xinca , Miskito , and Garifuna are also present in Central America.

This region of the continent is very rich in terms of ethnic groups. The majority of the population is mestizo , with sizable Mayan and African descendent populations present, including Xinca and Garifuna minorities.

The immigration of Arabs, Jews, Chinese, Europeans and others brought additional groups to the area. The predominant religion in Central America is Christianity Since the s, there has been an increase in other Christian groups, particularly Protestantism , as well as other religious organizations, and individuals identifying themselves as having no religion.

Mola art form , Panama. Central America is currently undergoing a process of political, economic and cultural transformation that started in with the creation of the Central American Court of Justice.

In the integration process continued with the signature of the San Salvador Treaty, which created the ODECA, the Organization of Central American States.

However, the unity of the ODECA was limited by conflicts between several member states. SICA provides a clear legal basis to avoid disputes between the member states.

SICA membership includes the 7 nations of Central America plus the Dominican Republic , a state that is traditionally considered part of the Caribbean.

On 6 December , SICA announced an agreement to pursue a common currency and common passport for the member nations. Central America already has several supranational institutions such as the Central American Parliament , the Central American Bank for Economic Integration and the Central American Common Market.

On 22 July , President Mauricio Funes of El Salvador became the first president pro tempore to SICA. El Salvador also became the headquarters of SICA with the inauguration of a new building.

Until recently, [ when? In August , El Salvador also severed ties with Taiwan to formally start recognizing the People's Republic of China as sole China, a move many considered lacked transparency due to its abruptness and reports of the Chinese government's desires to invest in the department of La Union while also promising to fund the ruling party's reelection campaign.

The Central American Parliament also known as PARLACEN is a political and parliamentary body of SICA. The parliament started around , and its primary goal was to resolve conflicts in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Although the group was disbanded in , ideas of unity of Central Americans still remained, so a treaty was signed in to create the Central American Parliament and other political bodies.

Its original members were Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. The parliament is the political organ of Central America, and is part of SICA.

New members have since then joined including Panama and the Dominican Republic. Costa Rica is not a member State of the Central American Parliament and its adhesion remains as a very unpopular topic at all levels of the Costa Rican society due to existing strong political criticism towards the regional parliament, since it is regarded by Costa Ricans as a menace to democratic accountability and effectiveness of integration efforts.

Excessively high salaries for its members, legal immunity of jurisdiction from any member State, corruption, lack of a binding nature and effectiveness of the regional parliament's decisions, high operative costs and immediate membership of Central American Presidents once they leave their office and presidential terms, are the most common reasons invoked by Costa Ricans against the Central American Parliament.

Signed in , the Central American Free Trade Agreement CAFTA is an agreement between the United States, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

The treaty is aimed at promoting free trade among its members. Guatemala has the largest economy in the region. Of its The region is particularly attractive for companies especially clothing companies because of its geographical proximity to the[United States], very low wages and considerable tax advantages.

In addition, the decline in the prices of coffee and other export products and the structural adjustment measures promoted by the international financial institutions have partly ruined agriculture, favouring the emergence of maquiladoras.

This sector accounts for 42 per cent of total exports from El Salvador , 55 per cent from Guatemala , and 65 per cent from Honduras. However, its contribution to the economies of these countries is disputed; raw materials are imported, jobs are precarious and low-paid, and tax exemptions weaken public finances.

They are also criticised for the working conditions of employees: insults and physical violence, abusive dismissals especially of pregnant workers , working hours, non-payment of overtime.

According to Lucrecia Bautista, coordinator of the maquilas sector of the audit firm Coverco, labour law regulations are regularly violated in maquilas and there is no political will to enforce their application.

In the case of infringements, the labour inspectorate shows remarkable leniency. It is a question of not discouraging investors. Trade unionists are subject to pressure, and sometimes to kidnapping or murder.

In some cases, business leaders have used the services of the maras. Finally, black lists containing the names of trade unionists or political activists are circulating in employers' circles.

Economic growth in Central America is projected to slow slightly in —15, as country-specific domestic factors offset the positive effects from stronger economic activity in the United States.

Jiquilisco Bay , El Salvador. Cayos Zapatilla , Panama. Tourism in Belize has grown considerably in more recent times, and it is now the second largest industry in the nation.

Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow has stated his intention to use tourism to combat poverty throughout the country.

The results for Belize's tourism-driven economy have been significant, with the nation welcoming almost one million tourists in a calendar year for the first time in its history in Costa Rica is the most visited nation in Central America.

Tourism in Nicaragua has grown considerably recently, and it is now the second largest industry in the nation. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has stated his intention to use tourism to combat poverty throughout the country.

The results for Nicaragua's tourism-driven economy have been significant, with the nation welcoming one million tourists in a calendar year for the first time in its history in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with Central United States. For other uses, see Central America disambiguation. Geographic region in the Americas.

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List Of Central American Countries Over species of the region's flora and fauna are threatened, of which are classified as critically endangered. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Г¤hrenfisch the United States of America. This Freebet Poker 2021 form of cultivation has become less sustainable as fallow periods are shortened in response to rising demographic pressures and as the forest soils lose their ability to recuperate. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience.