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Real Hameln

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Among the various interpretations, reference to the colonization of East Europe starting from Low Germany is the most plausible one: The "Children of Hameln" would have been in those days citizens willing to emigrate being recruited by landowners to settle in Moravia, East Prussia, Pomerania or in the Teutonic Land.

It is assumed that in past times all people of a town were referred to as "children of the town" or "town children" as is frequently done today.

The "Legend of the children's Exodus" was later connected to the "Legend of expelling the rats". This most certainly refers to the rat plagues being a great threat in the medieval milling town and the more or less successful professional rat catchers.

The theory is provided credence by the fact that family names common to Hamelin at the time "show up with surprising frequency in the areas of Uckermark and Prignitz, near Berlin.

Historian Ursula Sautter, citing the work of linguist Jürgen Udolph, offers this hypothesis in support of the emigration theory:. Thousands of young adults from Lower Saxony and Westphalia headed east.

And as evidence, about a dozen Westphalian place names show up in this area. Indeed there are five villages called Hindenburg running in a straight line from Westphalia to Pomerania, as well as three eastern Spiegelbergs and a trail of etymology from Beverungen south of Hamelin to Beveringen northwest of Berlin to Beweringen in modern Poland.

Udolph favors the hypothesis that the Hamelin youths wound up in what is now Poland. Linguistics professor Jürgen Udolph says that children did vanish on a June day in the year from the German village of Hamelin Hameln in German.

Udolph entered all the known family names in the village at that time and then started searching for matches elsewhere.

He found that the same surnames occur with amazing frequency in the regions of Prignitz and Uckermark, both north of Berlin. He also found the same surnames in the former Pomeranian region, which is now a part of Poland.

Udolph surmises that the children were actually unemployed youths who had been sucked into the German drive to colonize its new settlements in Eastern Europe.

The Pied Piper may never have existed as such, but, says the professor, "There were characters known as lokators who roamed northern Germany trying to recruit settlers for the East.

Professor Udolph can show that the Hamelin exodus should be linked with the Battle of Bornhöved in which broke the Danish hold on Eastern Europe.

That opened the way for German colonization, and by the latter part of the thirteenth century there were systematic attempts to bring able-bodied youths to Brandenburg and Pomerania.

The settlement, according to the professor's name search, ended up near Starogard in what is now northwestern Poland. A village near Hamelin, for example, is called Beverungen and has an almost exact counterpart called Beveringen, near Pritzwalk, north of Berlin and another called Beweringen, near Starogard.

Local Polish telephone books list names that are not the typical Slavic names one would expect in that region.

Instead, many of the names seem to be derived from German names that were common in the village of Hamelin in the thirteenth century.

In fact, the names in today's Polish telephone directories include Hamel, Hamler and Hamelnikow, all apparently derived from the name of the original village.

Decan Lude of Hamelin was reported c. The Lüneburg manuscript c. In the year on the day of [Saints] John and Paul on 26 June children born in Hamelin were misled by a piper clothed in many colours to Calvary near the Koppen, [and] lost.

According to author Fanny Rostek-Lühmann this is the oldest surviving account. Koppen High German Kuppe , meaning a knoll or domed hill seems to be a reference to one of several hills surrounding Hamelin.

Which of them was intended by the manuscript's author remains uncertain. Von Zimmern dates the event only as "several hundred years ago" vor etlichen hundert jarn [ sic ] , so that his version throws no light on the conflict of dates see next paragraph.

Another contemporary account is that of Johann Weyer in his De praestigiis daemonum Some theories have linked the disappearance of the children to mass psychogenic illness in the form of dancing mania.

Others have suggested that the children left Hamelin to be part of a pilgrimage , a military campaign , or even a new Children's crusade which is said to have occurred in but never returned to their parents.

These theories see the unnamed Piper as their leader or a recruiting agent. The townspeople made up this story instead of recording the facts to avoid the wrath of the church or the king.

William Manchester 's A World Lit Only by Fire places the events in , years after the written mention in the town chronicles that "It is years since our children left", and further proposes that the Pied Piper was a psychopathic paedophile , although for the time period it is highly improbable that one man could abduct so many children undetected.

Furthermore, nowhere in the book does Manchester offer proof of his description of the facts as he presents them. He makes similar assertions regarding other legends, also without supporting evidence.

In linguistics , pied-piping is the common name for the ability of question words and relative pronouns to drag other words along with them when brought to the front, as part of the phenomenon called Wh-movement.

For example, in "For whom are the pictures? Some researchers believe that the tale has inspired the common English phrase "pay the piper", [44] although the phrase is actually a contraction of the English proverb "he who pays the piper calls the tune" which simply means that the person paying for something is the one who gets to say how it should be done.

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On his second visit to Hamelin, the Pied Piper uses his magic pipe on the children of the town, leading them into a hole in a mountain on the edge of town and sealing them inside.

Only two children remain in the town, one blind and one lame, because they could not follow the piper. Some suggest that the cause of the children's disappearance was an accident of an epidemic.

These theories make sense of some of the elements of the Grimm brothers' version, as being sealed inside a mountain could refer to a major landslide, or the rats could be a reference to plague.

However, the European Black Death epidemic did not begin until the 14th century, and rats do not appear in versions of the Pied Piper story before the late 16th century, so the plague theory is unlikely.

Another branch of the epidemic theory postulates that the children fell prey to some sort of disease that caused them to dance, such as Huntington's disease or another form of chorea.

As Huntington's disease is a genetic disorder, however, it is not likely that all the children in the town would have been affected.

In the year after the birth of Christ From Hameln were led away One hundred thirty children, born at this place Led away by a piper into a mountain.

The story also notes that "In the year the mayor had the story portrayed in the church windows. The accompanying inscription has become largely illegible.

In addition, a coin was minted in memory of the event. The inscription put up by the people on a stained glass church window in the town read, "On the day of John and Paul children in Hamelin went to Calvary and were brought through all kinds of danger to the Koppen mountain and lost.

Though the stained glass window depicted a group of children along with a motley-clad fellow, the inscription says nothing about a piper.

The window seems to have been destroyed by now, though accounts of it still remain. Moreover, according to the story, a gate was built in the town " years after the magician led the children from the city", on which was inscribed: "Centum ter denos cum magus ab urbe puellos duxerat ante annos CCLXXII condita porta fuit.

Inscription, in gold letters, on a house in Hameln: "In the year on the Day of John and Paul, the 26th of June, a piper wearing clothes of many colors abducted children, born in Hameln and lost at Calvary on the Koppen.

The house this footnote speaks of is now known as the Pied Piper House. It is called so because of the inscription on the side and not because the piper lived here.

The Lancet. Claudio Griese CDU. Highly rated for: Very clean bathrooms. Greenwood Press. The legend dates back to the Middle Nizza Marseillethe earliest references describing a piper, dressed in multicolored " pied " clothing, who was a rat-catcher Skill Backgammon by the town to lure rats away [1] with his magic pipe.
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