Coffee Filter Paper

Packet of 10x high quality, large sized, paper filters ideal for sieving sediment and substrate without losing hidden resting eggs.

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Coffee Filter Paper Substrate Sieve Large

After trying a heap of different brands these guys are the best by far.
They only sell them by the bulk box and I have to get them shipped in direct from Japan.

Unfortunately most of the Australian products that that I have tried are made either here, India, or China, and the quality just doesn’t compare.
They just are not strong enough for my needs, or worst the thickness is inconsistent meaning just when you get the hang of them one splits and you lose the lot.
Very frustrating!

These good Japanese ones are ~25cm(10inches) diameter, and they filter out anything smaller than ~20micron which is ~0.02mm or ~0.0008inches!

They are cheap and affordable at just $2 a pack, but still strong enough to do a great job without ripping once water logged, and I personally will not use any other.
You do still have to take your time and be gentle, but yeah, much more reliable.

I just use a kitchen colander or sieve, I sit the paper inside it over a bucket, and I then gently pour the water through it.

The paper traps and concentrates everything making sampling of microscopic organisms, and saving Triops or Fairy shrimp eggs very easy and quick.