Infusoria Starter Culture

Once the only way to feed fish fry, infusoria production is an effective way of feeding baby betta, ornamental shrimp, goldfish and live bearers like guppies.

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Infusoria Starter Culture Live Fish Fry Food

This was once the only viable way to feed baby fish.
Now days there are commercial alternatives but considering the ease of production and near nil maintenance costs I reckon its well worth considering if you are considering breeding fish now or in the future.

In theory you could get some dirty water from a wild source and filter out all the large stuff.
Then add nutrients to encourage the growth of bacteria.

Then when the cloudy haze of bacteria bloom fades and the water clears, then you should have a heap of Paramecium, Ciliates, Euglenoids, Protozoa, Algae, Rotifers, Stentor, Vorticella or other assorted interesting invertebrates.
The reason you don’t do this is there may very be a heap of bad guys like Hydra and Planaria too..
With that in mind you can do two things.

1. Buy a commercial liquid fry food, crumble up tiny bits of boiled egg yolk, flake or pellet food and cross your fingers that you already have the good guys you need in the water(and no bad guys).
The theory with these is you are hoping that by feeding a bacterial bloom you will eventually grow enough infusoria to start your own stable culture.

2. Buy a infusoria starter culture from me right now, and just grow your own from that day forward.

The method I recommend is number two and this is how you do it.

Find two very clean, jars or wide mouth bottles of at least 1litre(0.26gallons).

Fill both containers ~3/4 with rainwater and place in well lit area with the lid off, then buy this product.

On arrival add half of the Powder Infusoria Starter Culture to each bottle and stir vigorously.

The about 1 hour later add the half of the Liquid Infusoria Starter Culture to each bottle and stir vigorously.

Keep unsealed, covered in a piece of clean dry cloth, in a completely dark area like a cupboard at about 25Celcius(77F) for a couple days.

Watch the surface water change from dark green to cloudy/milky green, then finally glassy green almost clear.
It may develop a white or grey skin of furry fungal spores.
If that happens it should just be pushed to the side to dry and to allow greater air access to the liquid culture underneath.

When clear not cloudy you can use a torch or lamp to concentrate the critters in one spot near the surface, and the pipette supplied to suck them up to start a new culture or feed to fry.
As you now have lots of “Infusoria” the amount of beneficial bacteria in the water will be rapidly dropping as they are eaten by them.

To stabilize the culture and keep it going you can feed it with any of the following.
Organic moringa leaf powder, potato, papaya, melon, turnip, pumpkin, cabbage, lettuce, bread, carrot, grain, rice, barley grass, etc etc etc..

For me here in my very extensive trials the Moringa leaf powder works best by far, doesn’t smell too bad, and provides very consistent results.

Being really high in a heap of different vitamins and minerals promotes a diversity in species and can only be a good thing for the bacteria, the Inforsuria that eat them, and finally the baby fry that eat them.
Least that’s the way I look at it?

Follow my directions and you really can’t go wrong.