Double Sponge Filter for Biological Filtration

1x large double sponge filter for mechanical and biological filtration of aquatic habitats. Perfect for fish breeding, axolotls, Triops and may other aquarium species.

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Sponge Filter Mechanical Biological Filtration Aeration

1x large double sponge filter.

These are perfect for keeping the water clean and they only need a standard airpump to make them work.

All you do is attach the suction cups to the wall of your tank, rotate the arms and and adjust it to a position you like, point the out-take nozzle in the direction you want the water to gently circulate, then turn on you pump.

How it works is air floats up in bubbles , and as they move through the water they push the water up and out of the way.
This upwards lift, creates suction from below, which forces water into the filter through the millions of holes in the sponge.

These holes physically trap particles in the water by mechanical action.
Like pasta in a colander or strainer, or fish in a net.
This makes water clearer as it doesn’t have those chunks floating around.

The second way it works is these now chunk filled holes in the sponge provide food for bacteria to feed on.
These bacteria only like to live in very oxygen filled high nutrient places(like the sponge filter).
They eat that detritus which is a nice way of saying the waste produced by critters in a fish tank.

The poo and pee from Triops, fish, snails, their uneaten food, dead algae, plant matter, and also any anaerobic bacteria that were previously settled in dead spots in the tank.
Anaerobic bacteria is a bit of a bad guy for aquariums but effective filtration and mild circulation of the water column like this sweeps it up and kills it, feeding it to the good guys, aerobic bacteria.

It does an excellent job of breaking down ammonia and removing nitrite and nitrate from the water, keeping your critters happy and your water clear.

If you are feeding heavily or the tank is over stocked the sponge filters can just be slid off and removed, rinsed clean(rainwater only) and replaced, without having to stop aeration or remove the stand.
They just slide off, then slid back on when you have finished rinsing them.

The filter dimensions when folded down are 16cm high, 14cm wide from sponge to sponge, and 5cm wide the other way, making it ideal for anything deeper than 12cm up to around ~80liters. Highly stocked tanks bigger than 80liters I suggest just using two, one at each end.
The output pipe is extendable from 16cm around 22.5cm.

With the sponges fully extended in a horizontal position they are 25cm from tip to tip.

As the filter is fully adjustable it and attaches via suction cups, it only needs a small a flat surface to attach to.
It doesn’t need corners or vertical walls, and can even just be attached to ornaments instead of the tank walls.

In the past I even stuck a couple to a normal ceramic coffee cups and dropped it in the tank when I was using a large wooden and fiberglass tubs that had rough irregular surfaced walls.
Very handy!

These are ideal for fish, frog and axolotl breeding as they don’t harm fry, and they are what I use extensively here at home.
Once larger critters like fairy shrimps, Triops and clam shrimps are visible these are added to the tanks to minimize the need for water changes and keep the water quality high and the critters healthy.

Please note, these are not suitable for smaller species like Moina or Daphnia as they do too good a job of cleaning the water.
They do too good a job of cleaning the water and they remove all of the food the Moina and Daphnia want to eat. They also trap the smaller naupli in the sponge media, and most importantly, they just are not needed for those guys. Those guys are are literally filter feeders, where as these are basically a larger man made form of them.
So yeah, not for small Cladocera, but ideal for anything aquatic bigger that a couple millimeter, especially aquarium fish, axolotls and Triops.

Great to keep as a spare in the cupboard too because you never know when your fish will spawn or you may have to set up an emergency quarantine.
One of these guys and a bucket or tub and your good to go.

That’s about it really.

Cheap, silent, great design that can be moved into a heap of different shapes, attaches easily to any surface, looks cool and most importantly, super effective at the job of cleaning and gently circulating the water.

I sell them because I use them myself, and even after heaps of trials and stuffing around making contraptions, I have yet to come up with anything cheaper or more convenient.

They are just perfect and if you have aquariums, you really should buy a few.